Sunday, October 24, 2010

water woes 2 -- chloramine and other difficult to filter substances

Discussing the water filtering issues with my husband, he said he heard the other day that our city has recently added chloramine to the water supply.  This chemical has many potential dangers, including reproductive toxicity.  See this page for details

That page says, among other things:
To remove chloramine, an extensive carbon filter (to remove the chlorine part of the chloramine molecule) followed by a reverse osmosis or cation filter (to remove the ammonia) is necessary.
So that means getting a filtration step before our reverse osmosis system, in addition to potentially something after as explored in my last post on this topic!

I suppose one option would be to get a whole-house filter that removes chloramine, as a first step.  That way our shower and bath water would be free of it too.  Something like this one.

This article gives some tips on what kind of filter to use to remove chloramine.

This page gives the following information on what kind of filter can filter out what:

While reverse-osmosis systems remove a wide-range of contaminants, including all heavy metals, many pesticides and asbestos, they do not remove trihalomethanes (THMs), radon and VOCs, or pesticides such as lindane and atrazine unless they also have carbon filters attached.

Ok, need to research and discuss more...

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