Friday, March 21, 2008

beets, molasses, and fibroids

I just ran across a fascinating article on how Dominican healers treat fibroids -- through a combination of raw beet juice and blackstrap molasses. I have written about the molasses elsewhere in this blog. The power of beets is a new one. Beets have a lot of fiber and a lot of carotenoids which might be helpful for fibroids. They also have a lot of iron.

Here's a link to the article if you'd like more details:

As for me, I'm going to make sure I eat a lot of beets!


Ms. Mahogany said...

i have the same issue with fibroids. i've tried birth control pills to shrink them but it just made matters worse and made my body very weak. i purchased molasses but it just says unsulphured. is that the same as blackstrap or do i not have the right kind of molasses?

Fibroid Shrinker said...

I've heard from other people that the birth control pills can make matters worse. I took them for a little while in conjunction with IVF and just hated them.

About the molasses, good question. I had to look it up, see info here
So it sounds like just unsulphured is not enough, that you need to get the blackstrap specifically. You can find it at Whole Foods or other health food stores, also sells it here:

Wishing you the best and please keep us posted on your progress

CJ said...

Just read your comment, Molasses is very good. I have fibroids and still believing God for permanent healing, but as i wait on the Lord for HEALING, i have used Molasses and it's really working for me.
I normally go through a lot of clots during my menstrual and heavy bleeding, but Molasses changed everything and i see some changes in my periods that is no clots and above less blood.
Thank God for Molasses.
Plz, try it my dear and you would be overwhelmed about the outcome.
Wish you all the best and i will add you to my prayer list and i know God will heal both of us and glory and honor will be given to Him.
Have a blessed day and know that your healing is on its way.
Bye for now

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Thanks so much CJ, so glad to hear that the molasses is working well for you!

Sandi Garrick said...

I went off birth control pills and started the beet juice/molasses remedy over 3 months ago. Whereas I would previously notice symptoms of ovarian cysts within a week of stopping bcp, I have felt better than ever, with no recurrence!!! I've been previously diagnosed with cysts in the 7cm range and have suffered with them for years. Love this natural healing remedy :) HOWEVER, I've now developed acne!! And it's not just time-of-the-month hormonal fluctuations, but is directly tied to the drink itself. If I stop taking the drink for a few days, my complexion clears right up, but then I start feeling bloated and the first symptoms of a cyst forming, so I drink up the beet juice/molasses drink again. Has anyone encountered this and/or do you have any suggestions? It seems to be getting worse :(

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Hi Sandi,
Wow, haven't heard about the acne, but perhaps it's due to all the sugars from the BSM and the beet? You might also want to try liver cleansing.

herr gola said...

as I was searching for natural way treatment of fibroid I have found this site which make me relieved after I was diagnosed with 3 fibroids last week. I am afraid to undergo surgery as most doctor
said surgery is the treatment for fibroid, I want to try this molasses and beet. I hope it would turn out good for me and my fibroid will shrink. I want to thank this site for sharing this. If anyone who made this natural remedy to shrink fibroid sucessful please be kind to share.

herr gola said...

thank you for this article about molasses and beet that could help to shrink fibroid, I was just diagnosed with fibroid last week and been searching for a natural treatment, thank God I found this. I will start drinking this and hope it would turn out good for me. anyone who had sucessful story about this p,ease share.thank you

Aida Diaz said...

How much beets to molasses do I prepare? And how much do I drink daily?

Fibroid Shrinker said...

I don't have any information beyond what is in the article.