Saturday, December 16, 2017

Heavy metals summit -- 38 free talks. This looks like must-listen content for fibroid shrinkers

As discussed previously on this blog, people with fibroids often have heavy metal overload and detoxing is a key strategy for fighting fibroids. However, getting rid of heavy metals is not that easy, as I have found personally (still working on it...)

So, I'm looking forward to this online summit coming up in January that has 38 different speakers on different aspects of heavy metals and how to detox from them. It's free. And includes subjects that sound really important to fibroid shinkers, such as:

  • COPPER: THE DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD (many people link copper to fibroids)
You can sign up here, and even though the event is not till January, right when you sign up you get access to some of the talks including "How Emotional Trauma Prevents Healthy Detox" and "Minimizing the Symptoms of Heavy Metal Detoxification."

link between sleep problems and infertility

Make sure to get your zzz's if you are TTC! Info here.

Friday, December 8, 2017

eat more fruit, fewer empty calories to avoid fibroids?

This study is not conclusive but that's what it suggests. Details here.

Friday, November 24, 2017

The best nutrition thing I've done all year, now on sale

I did something this year that was really helpful for my nutrition game, called Habit. They are offering a special discount so thought I would tell everyone about it. I've lost weight lately and this has helped.

The way it works is that they send you a test kit. First you do a cheek swab for DNA info. Then you put blood drops on a card before and after drinking a special shake, which gives them info on how your body metabolizes fats, proteins and carbs. (If you've done 23andme, you can import your results and skip the cheek swab and it's less expensive).

Based on this information, you get a report telling you what diet is best for you. Not some generic diet, but a diet based on your body's unique needs. This was really helpful and unique information that I put to use right away. They will also link to your Fitbit data and adjust the recommendations based on that too.

In my case I am a "protein seeker" which confirmed what I had suspected but made it official. The report gives lots of info on the best mix of proteins, fats, and carbs, and how many portions of what you should be trying to eat, and also some specific foods that are particularly good for your body chemistry.

They have a special $100 off sale through Monday, and after that $25 off, if you sign up through this link and you use this promo code: 1ba91f75f9

If you live in the SF Bay area, you can also purchase pre-made meals that are perfectly suited to your individual nutrition needs, and are pretty tasty too. (They may be in other areas too, there is a place on the site to put in your zip code and see if they deliver there).

Highly recommend this for those who want to lose weight, have your meals feel more satisfying, or optimize your nutrition.

Here you can see some of what my recommendations were:

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

"ovarian rejuvenation" -- an excellent overview of current science

I saw this concept mentioned in a recent issue of Family Circle so was curious and looked into it. Article here.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

this isn't about fibroids but...

It was very interesting about emotional stuff being passed down, a topic that has been discussed on this blog before. Link here.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Sunday, September 3, 2017

applies to fibroids too

This post is about cancer but the basic Chinese medicine theory applies to fibroids too...

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

another study on Vitamin D and fibroids

Taking Vitamin D helps keep small fibroids from growing larger and needing surgery. Link here.

Monday, March 6, 2017

just diagnosed with fibroids and am in a lot of pain, what do I do?

A friend of mine recently asked me this question, she had just been diagnosed with small fibroids and was in a lot of pain.  So I thought about what would be the top things for her to do. I wrote her the following letter. That was two weeks ago, and I saw her again today and she gave me a big thank you. Evidently it's working as her pain has completely gone away. Time will of course tell on the shrinking but she is now a lot more comfortable. The first thing she took was the blackstrap molasses as she had some in the house, and just that alone helped a lot she said.

I hope this list is helpful to other people too! Wow I wish someone had given me this list when my fibroids were first introduced. Things would have been a lot different for me...

Dear XXX,

As promised here are my fibroids recommendations.

Blackstrap Molasses, 1 tablespoon twice a day  Many people say this makes them more comfortable.

Something to take down your estrogen levels. Either DIM or Breast Defend (more expensive but more ingredients). I take 6 Breast Defend per day.

Drink lots of green tea and/or take green tea pills  Green tea can shrink fibroids.

Vitamin D, either drops or pills  Vitamin D can shrink fibroids.

Selenium. Many people who have fibroids are deficient in selenium. This kind is the best

Systemic enzymes. They break down the fibroids. Try one of these. Must take between meals. You need to take 15-20 per day to have them work.
·         Vitalzym
·         Serapptase
·         Mixed enzymes

·         Pills
·         Drink dandelion tea
·         Drink detox tea

Pectin to soak up toxins (no food or supplements one hour before and one hour afterward, good to take at bedtime)

Chinese herbs that help with fibroids
Take three scoops (gram spoon) twice a day in hot water. Can do along with the blackstrap molasses.

Do castor oil packs (pour flannel on wool, put on top of your stomach with a hot water bottle on top of it. Be careful, it’s messy)

A lot of people say that chaste tree helps them. 10-20 drops per day.

B vitamins also good. I take these

You might want to try adding one thing at a time and see what helps.

I hope this helps and that you feel better!

Monday, February 13, 2017

good summary of supplements for fertility

Lots of citations to studies and explaining what the effects are. Link here.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Vitamin D may reduce the progression of fibroids -- new study

More reasons to get your Vitamin D!  Study here:  This one is particularly helpful as it suggests how much you should be taking.

I find that I need to switch up my Vitamin D, as one gets ineffective after I have taken it for awhile. I switch between the Thorne liquid one and the Raw Vitamin D -- these two seem to be absorbed the best.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Truth About Cancer -- Ultimate Live Symposium (shrinking tumors!)

Here is an interesting free event this weekend -- a whole bunch of lectures about cancer prevention. Info here.

Since fibroids are tumors, and also some fibroids hide cancer, looking forward to learning some useful info by listening to this.

The presentation will include the following, which all sound quite interesting:

  • How to prevent Cancer naturally, without pharmaceutical drugs and medications, from Dr. Josh Axe
  • The ideal Anti-Cancer diet, from Dr. Joe Mercola
The NEW way to detect Breast Cancer early without mammograms or harmful radiation, from Dr. Galina Migalko
  • What to do FIRST if you (or someone you love) is ever diagnosed with Cancer, from Dr. Ben Johnson
  • The chemical compounds found in nature that shrink tumors fast, from Dr. David Jockers 
  • The future of non-toxic Cancer reversing therapies, from Dr. Tony Jimenez 
  • How to tell if all your vitamins and supplements are actually working (or if they’re just becoming expensive urine?), from Dr. Daniel Nuzum and Jordan Rubin 
  • The hidden connection between vaccines and Cancer, from Dr. Sherri Tenpenny 
About the single most deadly toxin showing up in our food supply now that’s slowly poisoning nearly the entire world (and how to avoid it), from researcher Mike Adams

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

How to have a stress-free fertility journey

Fertile Mindset founder Sarah Holland is having a free webinar next week on How to Have a Stress-Free Fertility Journey. (I'm certainly curious as to how such a thing is possible!)

The webinar will be on November 29th at noon Pacific, 3 pm Eastern and 8 pm U.K. time.

Details and sign up here.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

lithium for fibroids?

I just got my hair mineral analysis from Liveto110 done. I'll write in more detail later about what I found and about the various supplements I have been recommended.

One surprising one is lithium. Evidently I'm low. And interestingly, when I researched it I found the following:

When lithium is removed from the diet of farm animals, they appear to develop numerous chronic, degenerative diseases. These include atrophy of the spleen, development of cysts and tumors, severely depressed immune systems, and decreased fertility. 

(Quote is from this page) It also protects cells from heavy metal toxicity.

So maybe the lithium will help the fibroids!  I bought this one to use in my new regimen.