Thursday, March 20, 2008

a little humor

A few posts ago I wrote about the chakra clearing CD that I have been listening to. I like it and find it helpful, but I do have to admit that it is rather new-agey and some of the things on it sound a bit silly.

Evidently my boyfriend thinks so too. I was listening to it the other day -- I had gotten into bed first and turned it on, meanwhile he was getting undressed, doing situps, etc. so he was listening too, for the first time.

The CD was talking about releasing anything negative from the day that just ended. The narrator was saying something along the lines of "if there is anyone today who you have had a negative interaction with..." and at that point there was a pause, after which she continues with something like "release any connection to that experience." However this time after "if there is anyone todaywho you have had a negative interaction with..." my boyfriend (who had listened quietly until then) jumped into the pause and hissed "kill them!"

It was so funny and unexpected that I couldn't stop laughing. I decided that was even better therapy than the chakra clearing.

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