Sunday, October 24, 2010

in the middle of candida detox 2

Just saw my BioSet practitioner and it seems that my body is in the middle of detoxing the non-albicans Candida (I had take out the Candida albicans this summer), and that along with associated prostaglandins is causing the continued irritation of my gut lining.

We quadrupled my dose of the anti-Candida homeopathic Myocan-Chord (have been gradually increasing it as my body can tolerate it), am continuing the homeopathic carbo vegetabilis (for the gas I’m experiencing), and am also taking a lot of an Australian flower essence Ribbon pea

Also added Beta Glucans, and will do some lactoferrin too once it comes in, to work on the prostaglandins

Was able to stop the molybedum as had repleted that, and am taking less of the riboflavin but other than that still taking lots of the B’s to work on the Candida.

Turned out my body didn’t want any Chinese herbs, my practitioner says she thinks that working on the Candida removal is all my body can take at this point.

So will keep pounding these homeopathics for 2 weeks till my next appt with her and hopefully by then will have cleared some of this stuff out!  She says that EVERYTHING will be so much better once I can get rid of this Candida.

Meanwhile, it's a lot of work to try to fit in 8 homeopathic doses per day, when each of them needs to be half an hour apart from anything else.  Haven't been able to do it perfectly, but trying!

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