Wednesday, March 4, 2009

wanna get it right this time V -- myofascial release

I had gotten interested in the idea of myofascial release for fibroids when it was mentioned in this study that showed efficacy of alternative healing modalities for fibroid shrinkage. However, not that many people do it and I hadn't had success finding anyone near me who did myofascial release, except for one person who I called but wasn't familiar with using it for fibroids (his remark "that would hurt!")

However, given that my shrinkage has plateaued, wanted to amp up my efforts so decided to look again, casting my net a little wider. I found a center specializing in myofascial release about 45 minutes away, and they even had this article on their site about how it can help with fertility.

The idea is that fascia surround all our organs, and if the fascia are tight it can restrict the organs and circulation to them. So relaxing the fascia in the pelvis can help release blocked energy and thus address fibroids and increase fertility.

So I went in today for a session. They concentrated on releasing some of the fascia in my pelvis, right left and center, and in the area of my leg crease. Each one took awhile, the therapist presses/pulls the fascia until it relaxes. You can definitely feel something happening when they do it.

The therapist had lots of other ideas for things that could be done that could be helpfu for me, however I need to think about how much I can afford / can find the time to drive so far, and also I don't want to do anything during the luteal phase. So this might be a once per month thing if I continue.

But I did feel like it was a helpful release, I do feel like something shifted down there. With something like this it's hard to measure how much it helps, but I did feel like it was helpful.

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