Saturday, December 20, 2008

chakra balancing

My acupuncturist has an interesting new diagnostic tool called the GDV that she used on me for the first time yesterday.

The upshot was that physically I am very well balanced except for a couple of minor things, such as my liver and gallbladder being rather tired from all the detoxing I have done, and my jaw is not in good shape (I do clench it a lot). But other than that my results looked great, esp. on things like adrenals which are deficient on most people. Good results from all the work I have been doing she said.

However, energetically, I am a mess. It prints out several reports, one of which shows the chakras, and boy mine are really out of whack, misplaced and many of them are showing up as too small. Another energy chart of the same info shows a bunch of deficient areas, particularly striking is a huge energy deficit in my abdominal area (not surprising since I have fibroids and am having trouble getting pregnant).

If you are not familiar with chakras you might want to read True Balance: A Commonsense Guide for Renewing Your Spirit by Sonia Choquette. It's clear and easy to understand and is not overly new-agey. I read this a long time ago so am familiar with the concept, but obviously have not done very well with actually getting my chakras in balance.

See this printout made this very vivid to me, and is quite motivating. My homework is to get my chakras in better shape, she will retest me on my next visit 1/8.

So here is the plan we discussed.

1. Kundalini yoga. This form of yoga involves the chakras, and was strongly suggested by my acupuncturist. I have done lots of yoga before but never this kind. I bought Transformation Through Kundalini Yoga with April Bernardi and also Kundalini Yoga - A Journey through the Chakras. There are lots of othersthat look good if I get bored of these two. Also my husband and I are going to see if we can find a class near here to do it in person.

2. Chakra balancing meditation. I already have been using this chakra clearing meditation CD and I just bought another one called Journey Through The Chakras CD -- it looks good also liked that it was much lower priced than the others. On this topic too, there is a large selection of options to choose from. I also am going to keep doing the Rainbow Meditation that I found in a book I have been reading lately, Spirit Babies.

3. Qi Gong. This is also great for balancing your energy. I took a Qi Gong this spring and loved the Wild Goose Qi Gong but I have to admit I have not been good about doing it. Need to get back on track! Also I am going to be better about doing the fertiliy Qi Gong exercises that I found in The Tao of Fertility.

4. Chakra balancing stones. When my husband and I were in Hawaii on our honeymoon, we wandered into a funky crystal store and found a set of stones, one for each of the chakras. (I found this very similar one online). You lay down and put one of them on each of the chakra points and then meditate for 20 minutes, and the crystal healing energy is supposed to help balance you out. Yes, sounds kind of way out but my feeling is hey why not, it was an inexpensive and fun souvenir. They were pretty much sitting in my drawer until my acupuncturist gave me this dictum to fix my chakras, so I thought I should start using them. I was feeling tired this afternoon and so I lay down and put the crystals on me, along with some warm spa booties. While laying there I did the Rainbow Meditation. I felt extraordinarily refreshed afterwards. Of course it was nice to lay down, but this was more refreshing than just laying down or taking a nap. Also I need to slow down more and once you get in position with the stones on you it's an incentive to stay put! Also I think I am more likely to let myself lay down if I am doing it for a "purpose."

What I'm not doing: reiki. Reiki is an energy medicine therapy that works directly with the chakras, so when my acupuncturist mentioned chakras that was the first thing that came to mind. I think reiki is great, and indeed reiki is often recommended for fibroid treatment. I used to go to a talented practitioner when I lived in Chicago, but have not found one here in CA. There should be a zillion here but I looked online and nothing I saw looked right. My acupuncturist said that reiki is good but that the results don't hold very long -- in other words the reiki person fixes you up but pretty soon you will go back into your usual energy pattern of disarray. Kind of like using a cleaning person for your house, at least in my case it's nice for awhile but soon it gets messy again. My acupuncturist said that she would rather have me work on it myself, have it come from within, with the qi gong and the kundalini etc. Actually I was kind of relieved because I'm a bit burned out seeing all sorts of different doctors and holistic specialists in this fibroid shrinking quest. I need to learn more about getting my body in balance using my own resources.

However for people reading this if you don't have access to the kind of diagnostic tool my acupuncturist used on me, then a reiki practitioner (or other energy medicine specialist) could give you good info about what is up with your chakras, as a baseline. Go to google and type in either "reiki" or "chakra balancing" and the name of your city to find a practioner. Or ask around!

Finally, here are some interesting links on fibroids and chakras:


Anonymous said...

Wow! So interesting that you were recommended Kundalini Yoga! I have a fibroid and started practicing myself over four years ago. It's really a wonderful and powerful yoga.

I recommend Ravi and Ana's dvd series ( My personal favorite is called Yoga Beauty Body they also have one that's really amazing called Journey through the Chakras!

Good luck with everything!

Fibroid Shrinker said...

So glad to hear the good things about Kundalini yoga -- I can't wait to try it!

I ordered the Journey through the Chakras, so good to hear you like it. When I'm ready for another I will try the Yoga Beauty Body (love the name!)

Dusko Savic said...


You can also get Reiki without trying, by going to my page

It's free, it works, and hundreds of people have already used it and still do!

For your TTC efforts, you may want to look at this video on YouTube:

Wishing you all the best!

Regards, Dusko Savic