Wednesday, December 24, 2008

free Kundalini yoga (and other yoga) classes on the web!

As mentioned in my last post, I am going to try Kundalini yoga to help balance my chakras.

My husband's take on this is, "I told you so." When we first decided to start TTC six months ago, he said "we should go to Kundalini yoga." But it turned out he was looking at an outdated website and we went looking for a class that no longer existed, and then we got distracted with wedding planning etc. before we could find another. But now this idea of Kundalini resurfaces, in advice from my acupuncturist. Since my husband feels it was his idea in the first place, he is cooperating with this as a joint project, which I think is a really good thing.

I asked him the other day, so why Kundalini yoga in particular? He said he had once gone to a presentation on Kundalini yoga and it gave him the impression that it would be good for fertility. (When did he do that?! I am thinking. Maybe it was before I met him, when he was in grad school in Bloomington IN which is a place with lots of that kind of stuff...)

So, is Kundalini supposed to help fertility? I took a peek at the web and found information that yoga helps with fertility but not specific to Kundalini. (This page on Kundalini however does mention fertility, and also talks about releasing past emotional traumas and resentments, which is could be important for fibroid shrinkers.)

Anyhow, we are going to start trying to do a regular daily yoga practice with a focus on Kundalini. We were eager to try Kundalini but the DVDs I ordered did not arrive yet, so I thought of looking on the web. And lo and behold on YouTube I found this great full-length Kundalini yoga class:
This is a really excellent class, well-taught. (However, a warning, if you are TTC and post-ovulation skip the move where they have you lift yourself up and drop your butt to the floor! You are not supposed to be jolting your torso while TTC.)

While trapped on a boring conference call I looked through all the other Kundalini yoga videos on YouTube and that was the only one longer than ten minutes (other than a clip of a 1/2 hour TV show about it). You could use some of the shorter ones to get a taste. My husband and I liked this one:

The full-length class said it was from a site called Yoga Today. So I checked it out and it turns out that this site offers a new free streaming yoga class every day, and the past week's worth are archived. What an amazing way to keep your yoga practice fresh without going to a class or buying a zillion DVD's! Not all the classes are Kundalini, but there is a good variety. One of the ones from the past week is on the Root Chakra so I am guessing that they throw in a fair amount of Kundalini. Definitely worth checking out!

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