Friday, December 19, 2008

I was not making it up about the mercury

I've written before in this blog about how I ended up with high levels of mercury in my system, due primarily to high fish consumption. I already ate a lot of sushi (I work with Japanese for my job, and travel to Japan a lot, and just like it!) plus I started eating more fish when I found out I had fibroids and read that it's better to eat fish than meat or chicken if you have fibroids. But I wasn't careful about which fish I ate, and ended up with a mercury buildup that left me very fatigued.

Looks like something similar (without the fibroids element) has happened to Broadway actor Jeremy Piven, who had to drop out of a show as a result. Very sad for Jeremy, but hoping the resulting press will raise awareness of this problem.

Interestingly, evidently in addition to eating a lot of sushi, Piven was taking herbal medicines. It's possible the herbs could have contributed to the problem, indeed according to my acupuncturist there have been problems of herbs from China being contaminated. A reason to discuss with your acupuncturist where they get their herbs and how trustworthy they are.

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