Tuesday, October 21, 2008

fighting fibroids -- a budget buster?

One of the people on a fibroid listserv I'm on took a look at this blog and felt that doing the things I am doing are way out of her budget, and found it daunting. Just wanted to comment on that.

Acupuncture and supplements can indeed add up. But not all the things one can do holistically to fight fibroids are expensive. Eliminating meat and dairy, and eating more vegetables, legumes, and healthy grains such as quinoa, amaranth and millet can be done on a budget (and can help a budget since legumes and grains are good protein sources and less expensive than meat). Blackstrap molasses is also inexpensive and seems to help a lot of people. Yoga can be done in your own home not going to a class.

Acupuncture and supplements are helpful but there are things one can do that don't cost as much, and should help.


Anonymous said...

When I started looking at alternate treatment I thought it was going to be expensive. But in practice it hasn't been that way. The acupuncture sessions are the most expensive treatment but for me it has been worth it. It costs £33 ($60 dollar I think) per sessions. After seeing my acupunturist for 3 months, my period has normalise (not bleeding excessively) and I've started seeing her fortnightly and in time monthly if the improvements continues. I have been using Agnus Castus which has really helped and you can buy that quite cheaply from vitamins wholsalers. I have improved my diet by eating more wholegrain food and vegtables but it hasn't increase my shopping bill. I eat less meat instead which is quite good thing when your are trying to shrink your fibroids.
I have made these changes gradually and I haven't done anything excessive. I do think carefully before trying out anythig and love this blog because of all the tips and advice. I'm not going to try all of them but use the ones that I think will help.
When you do go down alternate treatment, you need think about
what you can do, i.e in terms of finance and time restraints. I thinks once you make the decision to go down this route, you can't do just one thing but need to take a holistic approach to this, something conventional medicine does not do.

I hope this helps.

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Thanks so much for sharing!

I think your approach sounds like an excellent one. Indeed eveyone needs to think carefully about what to try and what works for them.

From my perspective, the holistic approach if it works has to be a lot less expensive than surgery! (I heard 10 thousand dollars for a myectomy, or was that UFE?) Or in my case (since I am not a good surgery candidate) finding a surrogate mother or adopting, which are my options if I can't get my fibroids small enough to enable me to get pregnant and carry a baby to term...