Sunday, October 19, 2008

a box of goodies landing on my doorstep each week

Those who have been reading this blog for awhile may remember that this spring I got so overwhelmed trying to cook things that would fit in the fibroid-fighting diet that I hired a chef to cook meals for me. Just thought I would update people on how that experiment went.

This was a good idea at the time, as it took some pressure off at a time when I was very stressed, and added some variety. However, even though I had found someone who worked at half the typical price of a personal chef, it was still expensive. Also after a couple of months I found that her creativity started to wane a bit and I was less pleased with the meals.

So I told her I was taking a break for the summer, when I was not going to be around. Then in the fall I didn't really have a desire to start up again. I'm more in cooking mode now. I'm now in my new house which has a lovely kitchen, I have some great cooking implements received a wedding presents. Also I have a husband who loves my cooking, and would eat goodness-knows-what for dinner if I weren't feeding him. So I am a lot more motivated to cook.

But I still don't really like food shopping and getting inspiration for meal planning can sometimes be difficult. But I have found a helper that I really like -- I have signed up for a weekly box of organic vegetables delivered from a local farm. This is what is now known as "community supported agriculture" and is currently quite trendy.

My food boxes are coming from Capay Farms "Farm Fresh to You" here in the San Francisco area. I am quite pleased with the assortment, quality, and quantity of the weekly box. And having yummy organic veggies land on my doorstep without my having to think about choosing them in the store and lugging them home is wonderful.

Somehow it's more fun to eat something that you know came straight to you from the farm. And figuring out what to make with the veggies in season that week is a nice challenge. Last night it was a butternut squash soup with apples, onions, and garlic -- 100% made from ingredients from the farm! I don't want to waste the box contents so I think it helps motivate me to eat more veggies and find ways to use them. I also feel like the box is a good deal compared to what these items would cost if I bought them at Whole Foods.

With all the frustration of trying to maintain the fibroid shrinking diet, a positive thing related to food is quite welcome. Check out this directory of CSA's and see if there is one near you!

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