Wednesday, October 22, 2008

supplement update

Some more slight adjustments to my supplement regimen, from this week's acupuncturist visit.

Standard Process Catalyn
Megafoods Iron Free One Daily
Solgar Vitamin E
Futureplex Antitox Drainage Complex


Juice Plus Orchard and Garden Blend

It's not that the Catalyn and Megafoods were bad, those are both whole food based supplements also, it's just that somehow my body seems to have tired of them.

The Juice Plus are multivitamins, but in the form of whole food -- basically they are powdered concentrated fruits and vegetables. Although nothing specifically fibroid-related, there is a lot of research behind them, including research showing that their use during pregnancy leads to fewer problems. Incidentally both the Juice Plus products contain beet, which as mentioned in a previous post is supposed to be particularly good for fibroid shrinking.


Theramedix DGX/Digestion Formula

(After a few days not taking them, felt like I needed them...)

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