Thursday, October 2, 2008

even more additions to my fibroid-shrinking regimen

A few more changes to my fibroid-shrinking regimen, as a result of my visit to the acupuncturist yesterday.

Stopping the Women's Precious formula.

Starting with Bach Flower Remedies, in my case Chicory(Acupuncturist thinks the Chicory has to do with my relationship with my husband!). Bach Flower Remedies are a type of homeopathic, that work on your emotions. This page and also this page discuss use of the Bach remedies for fibroids.

I am also adding Premier Research Quantum Kidney Complex and MSM. The Kidney Complex is more something that will help indirectly. The MSM came up because joint issues came up on the scan she did, although poking around on the internet I find this page and this page that suggest that MSM may be helpful for fibroids.


J said...

Just found your blog today. Thanks for sharing as I am also 43 and wanting to shrink my fibroids naturally. They are currently much larger than yours 15.5 cm is the biggest. I am terrified of surgery - any kind and don't want to lost my uterus. (I personally don't believe God gave us extra parts!) In speaking to a doctor's today that also spares women from hysterectomy I was told about a website hersfoundation. I'm going to check it out. Jet

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Hello Jet,
Sorry to be so late in moderating this comment, somehow it got overlooked in my inbox.
I'm with you on being terrified of surgery.
I hope you have found a good alternative, or have had some success in your shrinking.