Saturday, May 24, 2008

fibroid shrinking and TTC

I had another strategy session with my acupuncturist yesterday, to discusss fibroid shrinking strategies and the fact that my gyn has cleared me for TTC (trying to conceive).

Evidently, some of the herbs used for fibroid shrinking are not good to take if you might be pregnant. The ones that my acupuncturist refers to as the "blood breakers" in Chinese medicine, also tumeric is contra-indicated for pregnancy.

So, I am going to only use the herbs and tumeric (I'm going to add tumeric in pill form) for the two weeks between the start of my menstrual period and when I ovulate. Also my castor oil compresses will be limited to this time.

For the other two weeks when there is a possibility I may be pregnant, I am going to continue to work on my detox regimen, with my homeopathic detox remedy. (One I am done with detoxing all the heavy metals from my system -- still not done yet according to last urine test -- will go on to something else for that half of the month)

Throughout the entire month I will be continuing to take liver support herbs (milk thistle, etc.), a daily kelp pill, chlorophyll, and Green Magma. Also I am going to be adding seraptasase, protease, and nattokinase for enzyme therapy. I'm not using one of those expensive ones like Vitalzym, I showed my acupuncturist the ingredient lists for several of them and she said that they were a total rip-off and you can get the primary ingredients much more cheaply by themselves.

This is in addition to my basic vitamin regimin:

Megafoods iron-free one daily one per day
Standard Process Calcium Lactate 6 per day
Standard Process Catalyn 6 per day
Standard Process folic acid 1 per day
Standard process trace minerals 3 per day
Standard Process Magnesium lactate 2 per day
DHEA one per day
Pearl acidophilous one per day
Nordic naturals Ultra Omega one per day

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