Wednesday, February 6, 2008

boost your circulation with umeboshi (Japanese pickled plums)

Reading all the Chinese medicine theories about how fibroids are due to blood stagnation, it made me think of a book I received several years ago. It was a hit in Japan at the time, called Ketsueki wo Sarasara ni Suru Seikatsujutsu (Lifestyle to Promote Good Circulation). Here's a link to it in case you are curious:Japanese book on promoting circulation . The author's name is Yuji Kikuchi, and if you google his name plus "circulation" you will see a whole bunch of technical articles.

I had happened to meet the woman who was ghostwriter for the book, who gave me a copy. I had set it aside, but now learning how to pep up my blood is a high priority.

I'll share other info from this book soon but one thing struck me right away, was the reported efficacy of umeboshi (Japanese pickled plums) in perking up circulation. One example Prof. Kikuchi gives in the book, within one hour of eating umeboshi, a patient's circulation increased by 50%.

Also umeboshi are very alkaline, which also makes them good for fibroid shrinkers (it's best to have your body be slightly alkaline). Plus they enhance liver function. So three great fibroid fighting reasons to eat them! I always enjoyed them when I lived in Japan, so it looks like now is the time to get them back into my diet!

Umeboshi are a traditional Japanese health food. This article gives lots of good background about them and why they are considered to be good for you.

Umeboshi are rather sour, and many Japanese are surprised to hear that I like them. Probably the easiest way for most Americans to enjoy this food is to take a spoonful of umeboshi paste and mix it into a mug of hot water, for something along the lines of a hot lemonade kind of flavor. I am now drinking this once a day!

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