Sunday, February 3, 2008

Gluten-Free Girl, the book

I stopped in a bookstore and took a look at Gluten-free Girl, the book I mentioned a few posts ago that I had learned about through the blog of the same name. I was disappointed to find very few recipes that would work for fibroid-fighters, because most of them contained things like dairy or sugar or beef or poultry. Her creative ways to make baked goods – even pizza crust – without using gluten is pretty impressive. However I think a better strategy for fibroid fighters is to just resign ourselves to not being able to eat such things and instead find other things we can eat. I did however like the extended discussion of how she coped with her celiac disease diagnosis and the related need to go gluten-free. All of a sudden not being able to eat the normal things that everyone around you can eat is something that I certainly have felt since going on my fibroid-fighting diet. The situation for us fibroid fighters is similar, except that we have even more things we have to avoid! It’s really quite alienating, like being from a different planet. If this is something that has been stressing you out then this book might be comforting for you and give you some laughs too – she has a nice sense of humor. As for me, I enjoyed leafing through it but it didn’t make the cut to be purchased.

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