Thursday, January 17, 2008

chrysanthemum tea

Since fibroid shrinkers are supposed to avoid caffeine (too much stress on the liver), I asked my acupuncturist if he recommended any particular herbal tea. One he suggested is chrysanthemum. It's not specifically a fibroid shrinker, but it supports the liver which is an important organ for fibroid shrinking. Also I told him that lately my eyes have been bothering me, and chrysanthemum tea is good for that.

I have found this tea surprisingly addictive, and am craving it every morning. I can't start my day without it!

I had some trouble finding organic chrysanthemum tea that was just chrysanthemum and not some mix of chrysanthemum and other things. Here's where I got mine:
This is loose, for those of you who really want teabags you might want to try this instead:
Stash chrysanthemum tea bags

Here is some more information about chyrsanthemum tea:

If you are seeing an acupuncturist, you should check with him or her to make sure that this is appropriate for your individual condition. But I am enjoying this tea so much I thought I would share it with all of you.

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