Tuesday, October 25, 2016

lithium for fibroids?

I just got my hair mineral analysis from Liveto110 done. I'll write in more detail later about what I found and about the various supplements I have been recommended.

One surprising one is lithium. Evidently I'm low. And interestingly, when I researched it I found the following:

When lithium is removed from the diet of farm animals, they appear to develop numerous chronic, degenerative diseases. These include atrophy of the spleen, development of cysts and tumors, severely depressed immune systems, and decreased fertility. 

(Quote is from this page) It also protects cells from heavy metal toxicity.

So maybe the lithium will help the fibroids!  I bought this one to use in my new regimen.


Javier Hernández G. said...

hi , could you tell me what a hair mineral analysis from Liveto110 is ?

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Hello Javier, If you click on "Liveto110" above it's a link that takes you to the information page. The way it works is you send them your hair and they do an analysis to see what minerals you need and also your detox needs. It has been very helpful for me.