Thursday, September 29, 2016

lots of great information on detoxing! and some new detox supplements

Sorry for the late notice but there is another of those telesummits going on featuring informative interviews. This one is called The Detox Project and as readers of this blog know, detoxing is a big topic for everyone interested in fibroid shrinking and fertility.

The summit is going on right now, so get in there right away to catch each day's talks. There is also going to be a replay day on 10/3 where you can listen to anything you missed. There are also a whole bunch of bonus interviews too. Lots of great listening. If you are seeing this later and want to get the replays, you can do so here.

One of the people who is interviewed on this telesummit is Wendy Myers, the hair analysis / mineral rebalancing / detoxing guru who I talked about in my last post. In this interview she covers some of the same ground as the other one, but some new wrinkles. By the way, I also discovered that Wendy posted the interview from the other summit on her site, just click here then pick "podcast" it's #168. By the way, this podcast really looks great, I already listened to the one on infrared saunas and looking at the lineup I think I want to listen to almost all of them, they sound really relevant.

As mentioned in my last post, I signed up for the Mineral Power hair analysis and consultation. I sent in my hair last Friday and can't wait to get my report back.

But in the meantime, based on listening to Wendy's two interviews, I went ahead and ordered some of the things she says that she tells all her patients to take (other than the magnesium which I am gettting a lot of already).  Because I'm going to be on an overseas business trip in October and not sure how quickly I will be able to get my hands on the stuff she recommends. These also might be things that you could try even if you don't work with Wendy. Her description of them in the interviews was pretty convincing, and for me they feel like a fresh approach.

Pectasol-C, this soaks up toxins from your body
Selenium, many people are deficient. I did some research on this and it seems this is a useful adjunct to iodine therapy which I am doing already. This brand is what Wendy recommends. However I read online that if you're really deficient taking a lot at once can be a problem, so I am getting these and will start with a 1/4 of a pill.
Oceans Alive, a source of vitamins and minerals and SOD which is a potent antioxidant
BioSil, binds to many heavy metals
Coffee suppositories. Wendy recommends coffee enemas to help with detox, and indeed I googled and found one woman who says she felt they were really helpful for getting rid of her fibroids. However, I just can't go there with enemas, and also research confirmed that they can be dangerous. I looked into alternatives and found these coffee suppositories, which gets the coffee to the right place but more gently.

I already have a mini far infrared sauna, which is another thing that Wendy strongly recommends. I just need to use it more!

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