Wednesday, September 21, 2016

copper toxicity, fibroids, and hair analysis -- great new resource I just found

The Supplements Summit that I wrote about a little while ago just ended. I thought this was a particularly good telesummit with some interesting speakers, and especially liked the talk by the gal who put it together, Wendy Myers. Her talk was about detoxification, and I thought I knew a lot about this topic but she was mentioning so many different detox supplements I hadn't heard of that I had to grab a piece of paper to start jotting them down.

What was particularly interesting about her talk was her description of how she uses hair analysis to determine the detox protocol that she puts each person on. I had done some hair mineral analysis ten years ago but was not sure how helpful it was. But I was really impressed with how she talked about it.

I went to her site, and do what I always do when I look at one of these practitioners who is on a Telesummit, I went to the search box to type in "fibroids". In most cases it says "no results" or there is a page on fibroids that doesn't tell me anything new. But in Wendy's case, there was a very interesting article, with a really clear description of how copper toxicity can lead to fibroids, and talking about how she has helped people to deal with their fibroids using her Mineral Power detox and rebalancing program. That's her program that uses the hair analysis to create customized programs. In addition to getting rid of copper and heavy metals that can have an estrogenic effect in the body, the program also can deal with the root causes of estrogen dominance and resolve it (rather than just put band-aids on it, which is what we do when we take DIM if you ask me).

I have been too busy to write about it, but I have been doing a lot of work with a functional medicine practitioner lately, addressing various issues including getting rid of SIBO and balancing my gut flora. However something still feels off, and also my fibroids are still there. Have been starting to feel that I've reached the limit of what my current practitioner can do for me. So I'm excited to have discovered Wendy and to see what she says about my hair mineral analysis. I'll keep everyone posted. I am going to my hairdresser on Friday and have her cut the hair sample in a way that won't be too visible, and will send it in. Meanwhile, you can read more about her hair analysis service here (click "discover the program".

On her site there is also a really interesting looking podcast series, with segments about estrogen dominance, thyroid, mercury, and other topics relevant for fibroid shrinkers, plus explaining more about the hair analysis. Looking forward to listening to those. You can find them here then click on "podcast."

This looks like a great resource, am so excited!

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