Friday, May 16, 2014

You in Full Bloom

It seems to be the season for telesummits (free presentations on the internet). This one caught my eye with the title "You in Full Bloom" and the following bullet points (which unfortunately sound like me lately):
  • Are you frantically trying to keep up with everyday demands but feeling disconnected from yourself and your joy? 
  • Are you merely going through the motions of your life but feeling checked out, unsatisfied, and numb? 
  • Have you completely lost touch with what you even want anymore? 
  • Are you ready to have more fun and pleasure in your daily life while feeling empowered to go after what you really desire?

One of the speakers is an expert in Pelvic Wisdom talking about "Healing Your Wounds" which sounds like it could be quite relevant for us fibroid shrinkers.

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