Monday, May 5, 2014

drinking some kukicha, and new supplements for helping both breast health and shrinking fibroids

Did some switching up of my supplements today working with my BioSet practitioner, to include Jade Disperse 2 and Stasis in the Mansion of Blood as my main fibroid shrinkers. Both of them target stagnation.

Plus I added some supplements intended for breast health that should also be good for fibroid shrinking -- I did a breast thermography the other day and my hormonal activity in one of my breasts had risen to medium, a sign I need to do something more about my hormones than the DIM and Calcium d-glucarate I have been taking.  So added:
Also added Bone Renewal, primarily targeting my bones as a substitute for normal calcium supplements. But it's full of algae which should be good for fibroid shrinking too.

Along with that, added kukicha, 2 tea bags per day. People in Japan don't drink it anymore, but as a vestige of the 70s macrobiotic craze one can usually find some kukicha in health food stores. It's a tea made from the twigs of tea bushes.  Somehow I find it feels very tonifying, especially when I have a cold.  Looked it up and found this very long list of health benefits -- had no idea!  So that's a nice addition to the regimen. I find that I need to switch up my supplements every couple of months, seems to work better that way, and that includes my tea!

My Chi Nei Tsang practitioner said on Saturday that she thinks that my fibroids have shrunk further. Still a ways to go, but making progress!

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