Wednesday, September 28, 2011

victory over candida!

Readers of this blog will know that 1) I was battling candida for over two years with no success, and a Metametrix stool sample test done in June showed candida at the 4x level -- their highest level.  2) many people believe that there is a link between candida and fibroids. 

So I was determined to finally get rid of the candida.  Throughout the summer I focused on candida in my work with the zyto, taking a variety of candida killers such as cinnamon and wormwood and black walnut shell.  Also took a variety of probiotics.  And also starting in the beginning of July have been doing a mostly Paelo diet, which is very low on sugars and grains, and as part of that eating fermented foods like beet kvaas (which I make myself) and kombucha (which I buy at Whole Foods).

I did another stool test a few weeks ago, and just got the results back today.  No detectable yeasts!  Hooray!  Victory over candida!!!!

Also, other good results overall although still not ideal so a bit more gut-related work needed. 
Higher levels of almost all of the beneficial bacteria. Although the clostridia sp. is a bit high.
My ratio of firmicutes to bacteroidetes, which is related to one's weight, is improved. However not yet at the ideal ratio.
I got rid of the cryptosoridium parasite.  However I have one unidentified parasite left. So still some more cleansing and more probiotics needed.


Anuja said...

Good day!

I would like to appreciate your determination, dedication and discipline.

Wishing you all success and I am sure, soon we will see your posting titled, "I am Pregnant : Time to celeberate"


Fibroid Shrinker said...

Thanks so much Anuja!