Monday, August 1, 2011

mugwort oil massage

Today I saw a different acupuncturist than usual, long story that I'll skip here (not switching, just a special case)

It is interesting to see someone else who has a new perspective.  She suggested three things for me:

1. Castor oil packs -- which I do, but not as regularly as I should. She wants me to do them on the whole belly, not just below the belly button.

2.  Massage between the bottom of my ribs and my belly button.  This will relax and lengthen this area, giving me more vitality.

3.  Have my husband massage my spine in the middle of my back, the reverse of the area between my ribs and belly button.  He should use firm downward strokes.  Preferably using mugwort oil -- she said it's rejeuvenating.  Here is the mugwort oil I just bought, note that it talks about it being a uterine tonic.

Also, she didn't like my bra top.  I have taken to wearing a sports bra as my regular bra, in the hopes it will encourage me to exercise at some point during the day.  But she said it was too tight and thus not good for me.  So need to look for bras that are supportive but not constricting.

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