Wednesday, July 27, 2011

zyto this week

Since we've been making progress on the digestive issues, had the practitioner do a more general check.  The TCM 5-element theory and all the meridians were pretty calm and doing well, except for the Bladder Meridian

She also checked for vitamin deficiencies and I came up as deficient on zinc, K, B, A, D, C and E!  This is more proof that I need to continually take something basic in addition to what the Zyto recommends -- am thinking of taking one UltraNutrient per day, something like that (it has a bit of all the things listed above)

Interestingly, only two hormones came up, estrone and dihydroxytestosterone, so that is good news!  Biggest problem was the cryptosporidium, the various bacteroides, the colon, and biotin.

My herbs this week:

  • Isoquercetin by Integrative Therapeutics, 1 capsule 3 times per day.   This acts to stabilize your mast cells, which can be activated by candida.
  • Therbiotic Complete by Klaire Labs -- a very broad probiotic, 2 capsules once per day
  • IT Corvalen M Bioenergy Ribose, 1 scoop twice a day.  Here is a very interesting article about ribose supplementation. It's good for cell energy, which should be good for egg quality.  And it's especially good combined with malic acid evidently.
  • Scudder's Alterative by Gaia Herbs, 15 drops 2 times per day -- helps excretion and detoxification, cellular nutrition, skin -- all sounds good. this is supposed to be good for fibroids, have always wanted to try
  • Hemagenics -- iron, to help blood -- 1 tablet 2 times per day
  • Alfalfa, 1 capsule 2 times per day -- supports intestinal healing
  • Urban Moonshine Organic Citrus Bitters, 1 spray twice per day.  Bought these on a whim as thought they sounded good.  Bitters support detoxification and are anti-Candida
  • Ultranutrient, 1 capsule twice a day
  • Malic acid, 1 capsule 3 times per day

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