Friday, July 1, 2011

visit with a new doctor

My husband and I went yesterday to see a new doctor, someone who is an acupuncturist by training but is more of a functional medicine person.  The primary reason was to see if we could figure out the reason for why his oxidative stress is still so high.  However, since the doctor specializes in fertility, he wanted to see me toobecause he works with couples.  I was thinking, I am getting such intensive care how could anyone find anything else that's a problem?  But guess I was wrong.

He did very extensive blood and urine tests. This brought up several issues:

1. My vitamin D and magnesium are low. I used to take those two things as the mass of supplements that I was doing pre-Zyto. And as mentioned in one of the prior posts, was worried that not taking "basic" supplements would be a problem, and this shows that indeed it was.  Ugh.  My thought now is that I will just take these all the time as "background" in addition to what the Zyto recommended, as lab results count more to me than the Zyto.
2. I'm low on protein, so need to eat more of it.
3. My fasting glucose level is high.  We are going to do more testing.  This could be an indication that the family scourge of diabetes has not left me out.  Ugh again.  This is however consistent with some of the information I've been getting from the zyto.
4.  I have a mild iron deficiency, which is nothing new (and actually better than my last CBC done a couple of months ago), however he thinks it's mild enough that I can take care of it by eating more red meat.  Will try that, as it helps with the protein issue too.

In addition to the vitamin D and magnesium, he also wants me to take Fermented Cod Liver Oil.  I had actually tried to do this after hearing Sally Fallon speak last year (she raves about it), and had tried it also once in the past on advice from an acupuncturist. But both times they disagreed with me.  He suggested that I take it in capsule form along with ox bile to help digest it. Will give it a try.

He also wants me to take an herbal blend called Resolve Lower for my fibroids.  Worth a try but want to discuss with my acupuncturist.

Good news is that my thyroid markers were all normal.  Maybe the thyroid-focused treatment from the Zyto was helpful.

As for my husband, evidently among other things he has extremely high levels of iron in his blood.  Iron is an oxidant, so that can explain his incredibly high oxidative stress marker.  He's going to get more testing too.

I think this is a good doctor and I do like a very thorough data-based approach, which seems so hard to find.  Like why didn't anyone think to do these tests before?  Dealing with the medical system is such a pain.

The doctor had a couple of other useful ideas on diet that I will share here later when I have time.


Ginae said...

let me know how the Resolve stuff goes...why did this doctor think this would help your fibroids and has he actually witnessed any success with his patients from having taken it?

Ginae said...

okay looks like only doctors and acupunturist can purchase this Resolve's always something...seems like only the professional have access to the good stuff that might actually

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Will do. However, I told my regular acupuncturist and he thought it was too strong for me t take all month. Also although this new doctor is really good with functional medicine, and his formal training is as an acupuncturist, he didn't check my pulse or tongue which makes me wonder. He said he has cured ovarian cysts with them, didn't ask for fibroid success stories, should have. Anyway, need to have some more discussion before deciding what I will do...

Fibroid Shrinker said...

About ordering the Resolve Lower, did you try googling it? There are a bunch of places that sell it, maybe a different one has other policies.
Anyway I think it's better to use this kind of thing under the advice of a trained person.

Ginae said...

Yeah you are probably right, it should be used under a doctor's care..I just got curious and checked it out and saw that only a doctor or acupuncturist could order it..but my original thought was that if you reported success with it at some point I might want to order it but turns out I can't anyhow...

Anuja said...

Good day!

I just came across the following link and sending it immediately.

Wishing you All the Best!


Fibroid Shrinker said...

Thanks so much Anjua! So great to hear positive stories like this. And I'm going to explore this woman's site right now!

Ginae said...

Did you ever explore the website that Anuja left? I did and it seems legit. I even emailed the doctor and you can get a phone consultation for $65 if you don't live in Atlanta and she will tell you how to shhrink your fibroids after you send her your ultrasound.

Was wondering if any readers have done this. She also says some detox products and a product that keeps fibroids from growing back after you get rid of them.

If anyone has had any experience with her please let me know. Thanks.

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Hi Ginae
Very good question. I was curious and looked at the site. Only saw on sale the post-shrinkage maintenance herbs, not anything for shrinking. I too would be very curious to hear from anyone who has done the phone consult with her or bought her products.