Friday, May 20, 2011

personal peace procedure

I decided to switch to working with a different EFT coach.  Although I thought that my other coach was very good, I decided that I needed a fresh perspective, as I felt that I has reached kind of a plateau with my other coach.  So I looked the different coaches on the EFT Universe site, and picked one that I liked the sound of his approach.

I liked the thoughtful questions that his intake form asked.  I also decided that I needed to take a more concerted attempt to address more core issues that I have had for a long time, and that are probably underlying some of my current frustrations and some of my issues like my fibroids.  So I'm doing something along the lines of what is known in EFT as the Personal Peace Procedure.  I am making a list of all the issues and problems and resentments that I can think of.  It's a lot of work, and have only gotten started, but it is nice to have an organized kind of checklist to work with.  Then, as I work with each of them with my practitioner, I am changing the color of the text.

This first session, worked exclusively on some of my childhood issues.  At the end, my practitioner said "on your intake sheet you talked a lot about anger.  After hearing what you've told me, it does seem like you are completely set up to feel a lot of anger." (And he has only heard the tip of the iceberg at this point!)  Having this kind of outside perspective is very helpful, and in my case I particularly appreciate the validation as that kind of validation is something I have not and currently don't get elsewhere.  This particular practitioner also does something called Matrix Reimprinting, which is about working with negative memories to change them. I thought it sounded a bit way out, but after trying it today I feel like it's a useful addition to EFT.

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