Monday, April 4, 2011

thoughts from a Chinese medicine expert on fibroids

http://www/This past weekend I went to a fabulous seminar by Chinese medicine expert Andrew Nugent-Head.  I will write it up in more detail later, but in  the meantime will just say, check out his organization's site, it is full of interesting information and resources.  What we learned is the Eight Storing Qi and Developing Sensitivity Exercises, which can be learned about in free videos on this page.  My husband and I are going to make this our daily practice.

When teaching the seminar, Andrew mentioned that if you have stagnations like fibroids or cysts, or other fertility problems, rather than having your feet parallel for this exercise you may want to have your toes pointing out, as that will help to open the relevant channels.

Also after class I approached Andrew to ask him about fibroids specifically.  Turns out he does have a lot of experience with them.  He said "you've probably heard people say that they can only be stopped, not shrunk.  (and indeed I have quoted on this blog people saying that).  But I have seen them completely disappear.  And I've seen them not change at all."  So hope, but it's tricky.  Proper herbal treatment is very important he said. 

Also he said it's important to look at lifestyle.  He said that growths in the body are because you are actively holding something in (malignant growths like cancer often falls in this category) or stuff is passively collecting.  Fibroids usually tend  to be in the latter category.  He says that fibroids are a sign that the body is not processing and clearing things out.  He said it would be important to look at digestion. 

He also said that it's very important not to take in food when you are running around or stressed or busy.  So no grabbing an energy bar to eat as driving!  (oh, how many times have I done that!)  If you eat while your flight-or-fight mode is kicked in, it's going to be hard for your body to properly process what you put into it.  Very sensible, but had never thought of it as connected directly to fibroids.

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