Wednesday, March 30, 2011

new time management plan

My husband and I decided to create a new time management plan to spend more time together and also address our health issues and fertility goals.

1. Exercise at least an hour every day
2. I stop work at 10 pm.  We spend 1/2 an hour together working on couples self-improvement items.  Then I go to sleep at 10:30.  He is not allowed to stay up past midnight.
3. We try to do the sunshine meditation at least once per day.

I'll try to keep a record of what we do for 1 and 2 each day.

Monday.  Exercise 1.5 hours at gym (class then weights); together time Taoist Foreplay book
Tuesday  Exercise 1.5 hours walk, together time Taoist Foreplay book
Wednesday Exercise 1.25 hours yoga -- from AcroYoga book and Joy of Partner Yoga book, together time Taoist Foreplay book plus new chi gong exercises learned from my new acupuncturist


Anonymous said...

I have an unrelated question to this post...Your commitment and dedication to your health and fibroid shrinking is trully amazing. Considering all the treatments that you have invested in (accupancture, massage, herbs, supplements etc.) how much fibroid shrinking sucess did you have so far? What in your opinion is the most effective remedy in your arsenal? Thanks in advance for taking time to respond.

Fibroid Shrinker said...

That's a very good question but unfortunately I don't have a good answer. Because in addition to fibroid shrinking, I have also been doing IVF and the medications are fibroid-promoting (at least in my case). So unfortunately so far have not been a good guinea pig -- wish I had known the best techniques when I first found the fibroids and before I was married and trying to get pregnant. That being said, from my own experience I feel that the Chi Nei Tsang, and anything one can do to detox, seem to be the most helpful. Also wish I had discovered EFT a long time ago.
I'm still working on this and hope to have a better answer in the future.

Fibroid Shrinker said...

I'll add to that, I think acupuncture and Chinese herbs are very helpful. Also, go to a naturopath and get tested for heavy metals and candida, you want to get rid of those ASAP. A naturopath can also help you detox.