Thursday, August 26, 2010

supplement update

This past month, I did the homeopathy for Candida that I mentioned in my last post. It's a series therapy of ten doses, and on the box it warns that you might have worse symptoms between bottles 2 and 4.  Boy did I ever!  I felt absolutely atrocious, puffy and sluggish.  And my stomach bulged out so much, a work colleague asked me if I was pregnant!  It didn't help that I did it while traveling in Japan, so this was all combined with jet lag -- not a good combo. Then a couple of weeks later, I noticed that my sweat smelled absolutely atrocious.  I decided that must be the dead Candida working its way out of my system.

Once I got home and back on my normal additive-free diet (see post before last) and away from various allergens (love those tatami mats but they have lots of dust mites in them, and humid Japan is full of mold!) I noticed that I felt a lot better.  So I was convinced that I had kicked the Candida.

Today was the day to find out for sure, as I went in to see my Bioset practitioner.  Turns out I did triumph over Candida Albicans.  However, there are 3 other strains of Candida that are still doing their nasty stuff in me.  Ugh. And it seems that other homeopathic remedies for Candida tend to target the Albicans, not the others.  However she did give me Flora Wellness, which is aimed at supporting healthy flora balance in the digestive system.  And some of its ingredients such as Coptis and Pau D'Arco are supposed to be good for fibroids too.  She also upped my B2 to 400 mg a day to help combat the Candida.  Also I will do a 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil every day, which will help on the Candida front and also for hormone balance (Coconut oil is one of the things recommended in Fibroids Miracle too).

For homeopathics I am back on Prunus Amygdalus Gemmotherapy, which is the one for sticky blood. 

Then I had her check some of the anti-fibroid herbs I have been taking -- the Kachanar Guggul, Essiac, and Hortense's Formula, and they all checked out negative.  Which confirmed a hunch that I had -- that it's time to go back on the Chinese herbs.  Two checked out, that she wanted me to take together. 

The first is Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan. This is a remedy for in deficiency, and is often used for yin deficiency pattern fibroids. Also it's used for infertility.

The second is Jiaogulan, which is sold under the name Immortalitea.  And in fact had some in my cupboard, although hadn't drunk it in ages.  It's an adaptogen with many benefits, some of which are listed here and here.  I was feeling rather tired, and a big pot of it that I brewed earlier this evening has perked me right up.

Also adding maca powder to my regimen, a tablespoon a day.  I've written about maca for fibroids before, here and here, but never took it for a long time so will be interested to see how it works.  This article talks about how one should not take too much maca too soon, so will be gradual.

My Bioset practioner said that she felt I had made a shift.  She used the machine to do an organ system scan, and she said that my liver and adrenals look better, and that I am much less spleen deficient.  She thinks that now the problem is the communication between my heart and kidneys needs to be better, and that my pituitary needs help.  (Pituitary is not a surprise, as I had my FSH tested again the other day and it had jumped to 11.3 (by far my highest ever) and my Estradiol-6 was a low 16.  This could be due to exhaustion and difficulty eating well during the trip, also my practitioner said that the detox is hard on your system and it could be due to that.  But of course the new IVF doctor I am seeing tomorrow will just say that it's my age...Anyway my acupuncturist is planning to work on that, and it sounds like these new herbs should help.)

Due to lack of time we weren't able to go over all my supplements, which is a shame because I feel like I am taking too much.  She had said that once I get rid of the Candida I should be able to take fewer pills, because they will absorb better.  Can't wait for that.  Meanwhile, I do get to take a break from the Vitamineral Green, and just do the Vitamineral Earth.  Will see her next week and hope to sort through the supplements more then.

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