Saturday, April 10, 2010

a couple of articles on egg quality

This is reasonable, although from purely Western medical perspective

This is also a good one, discussing what supplements might help. It's from the author of Perfect Hormone Balance for Fertility: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Pregnant, a book which I think is a good one.  He mentions Coenzyme Q10 particularly as being helpful.

I have had an interesting thing with Coenzyme Q10.  I have been wanting to take it, and the BioSet analysis says I need more, but also says that my body doesn't like any of the specific supplement versions of it.  We tried a bunch and finally my practitioner realized that it's not the specific supplement, but rather that I am deficient in something else so my body can't handle the CoQ10.  She determined last week that I need more Phosphatidylcholine, which is something that helps your cells stay youthful. (And apparently inadequate intake of it can lead to fibroids, according to this page, which is not surprising since it's important for healthy liver function) and I'm taking 4 pills of this brand per day to replete me, and then when I'm ready will add the CoQ10.  (Working with the BioSet is interesting, I feel like we are keeping peeling the layers of the onion...)

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