Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fertile Couplehood

I've heard good things about support groups and mind/body classes for infertility, but a look around what's available near me didn't yield anything that sounded right. 

Last year my husband and I read The Fertile Female by Julia Indichova (he reads to me a bit each night, and we alternate different books to read).  We had bought a CD of her exercises, which we felt were interesting but to be honest we were a bit disappointed with them, we felt that something was lost having them extricated from the context of the sessions she uses them in.  And being on the West Coast, her in-person sessions are not very convenient. 

However, I had checked her website and put myself on her email list, and she just announced a 3-part phone series, for couples to do together called Fertile Couplehood.  Each one an hour and a half, and the price reasonable.  I liked the idea of doing something together with my husband, and just three is not an overwhelming commitment.  So we signed up. 

Just finished the first one this evening, and indeed her approach is much more powerful when you do it live.  Something to consider if you are on a fertility journey!

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