Thursday, November 5, 2009

new supplements

I've been rather tired lately, my acupuncturist thinks that my adrenals have been getting a bit worn down and that my kidneys need some support. A combo of general stress, plus taking birth control pills to calm my ovaries in preparation for the next stimulation cycle.

I'm adding one small box of Zico Coconut Water per day for electrolytes and potassium. This should help the problem I have been having of waking up early to go to the bathroom.

Going back to some old friends from Standard Process that are good for building up the adrenals
Congaplex (good for boosting immunity)
Trace Minerals - B12 (good for energy)
Oculotrophin (good for strengthening the eyes)

Getting some zinc and vitamin C from Country Life Zinc Lozenges

Continuing to battle my Candida with Klaire Labs Interfase

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