Monday, October 12, 2009


Sorry I have been remiss with posting my activity and statistics. We went to visit some family and I was also swamped with work, so hard to keep on top of it.

I'm getting frustrated with the weekly scale readings, they just seem to be bouncing in between 137 (today's number) and 140 (last week's number). If I had time to plot all the measurements on a chart, amid all the jumping around I think there might be a slight downward trend in both the weight and the fat% but it's hard to say. Noticing that my pants are fitting a bit better though. I was hoping for a bit more positive feedback to help motivate me on my exercising, but so far at least am not getting that.

My period just ended so did some abdominal massage last night, my tummy feels a lot softer than before, which I think is a good sign...

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