Thursday, October 15, 2009

participate in a fibroid study

Here is another different opportunity to participate in a research study on fibroids, see this post.

Also mentioned in the theory that progesterone (not estrogen) is what makes fibroids grow. If that's the case, it makes me upset that I used progesterone cream for awhile in an attempt to shrink the fibroids...


meemyselfandeye said...

You had a link to another person battling fibroids and when I went on in a girl had commented on how she got rid of her fibroids...wanted to know if you have tried or considered it is below:

Hi, I’m from Jamaica. I was diagnosed with multiple fibroids in 2008 by my gynaecologist after doing a pelvic ultrasound. In February 2009 I did a detox (bio foot spa) with a doctor who practices alternative medicine and from reading the water color, etc. he told me that he was seeing multiple fibroids and recommended a herbal treatment comprising (Brewer’s yeast, kelp, broad beans and black strap molasses), taking 2 tablespoons in the a.m and same at p.m. My periods came within a week (HEAVILY)like I’d never seen before. There was a noticable change in the size of my tummy after my periods, was no longer feeling the hard, uncomfortable bulge. no back pain, etc. One month later I did a pelvic ultra sound and there was no sign of the fibroids. I Also went back and did another ionic spa treatment and there was no trace/sign of the fibroids. I was fibroids free! I adjusted my diet, no hormone fed meat such as chicken, fresh water fish.

Have you tried any of those herbs and the black molasses? I kind of want to try this but am scared about what she said about the heavy periods. I wonder how heavy they were..I need to be able to go to work today without worrying about accident from heavy bleeding.

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Thanks for sharing the interesting story. I have done the blackstrap molasses but am not doing currently. I have not done brewer's yeast or broad beans but have taken kelp and I know that seaweed is really good for fighting fibroids and I should eat more of it!

I haven't heard of this specific prescription. I guess it couldn't hurt but I think the key point of this anecdote is that she went to an alternative health doctor who diagnosed her and made a plan specifically for her. If you can do that, I think it's helpful.

Good luck and keep us posted on what you try!

meemyselfandeye said...

I certainly will keep you posted on what i try and you keep on keeping us posted. I do appreciate you sharing all your info through way of blog!

Can I ask how long you did the blackstrap molasses and how come you stopped doing it? Did you find that you weren't getting any benefit from it?


Fibroid Shrinker said...

I did the blackstrap molasses for several months. Starting with the first period after I started taking it, I found that it really cut down on the bleeding each month.

I stopped it because I work with a BioSet practitioner, who checks my supplements to see if I need them, and after awhile I didn't need this one anymore. I am finding that many things I rotate in and out of the list of what I'm taking, based on the info from the BioSet practitioner, so that I am always taking only things that are a good match for my needs right then. This helps me cut down on the confusion of what to take...