Thursday, September 3, 2009

new acupuncuturist and revised supplement regimen

First of all, some news, I have a new acupuncturist. Actually, it's a bit complicated, I actually see two acupuncturists. One, J, is more like a naturopath and she works with the BioSet and BioMeridian machines. She focuses on that and doesn't do the needles and herbs, so in order to get that I also see a fertility acupuncturist. I have switched around fertility acupuncuturists a bit, trying to find just the right fit. The new person I am seeing, R, was a sub at my regular fertility acupuncturist, and I decided her approach was better for me.

R and I had an interesting conversation. I have some immunity issues in terms of being sensitive to foods, things in the environment, etc. -- always some new sensitivity that J with the BioSet keeps finding. R says that many of the women with fibroids who she sees have immunity issues. She's going to work on that. She also honed in on the phlegm issue that I have written about here before, and gave me some herbs aimed at that. She didn't tell me the name, but promised she would email them, will post when I get it.

Rejiggered my supplements with J, and first one on the list is a new one recommended by R, an OPC which helps keep the blood flowing and is also good to help preserve ovarian reserve.

Apex Energetics X-FLM (K-37) 2 per day
HMD heavy metal detox 9-10 drops per day
Methy-Guard by Thorne, 1 per day
DHEA .5 mg by Pure Encapsulations, one every 3rd day
Fergon iron supplement, 2 per day
Black currant seed oil by Pure Encapsulations 2 per ay
Glycine by Thorne 3 per day
Serraptase 2 pills per day
BioSet probiotic 2 pills per day
Calcium Magnesium Citrate by Pure Encapsulations, 2 twice per day
Bio-D-Mulsion by Biotics Research, 1 per day
Pure Encapsulations Ulta Nutrient 2 per day
Bach flower remedies Walnut, Wild Rose, and Vervain

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