Monday, September 21, 2009

activity report and this week's stats

I am thinking I am going to need to change my daily goal from 2.5 hours to 2, as 2.5 hours is just not realistic and it's even hard to hit 2 hours daily-- couldn't do so this week although was just off by an hour or so.

Picking up from the last post,
Thursday 2 hr 5 min abdominal massage, meditation, castor oil pack, hula hoop and yoga
Friday 1 hr 20 min self massage, hula hoop, walking
Saturday 2 hr 20 min meditation, walk, fertility bodywork DVD, meditation tape
Sunday 2 hr 25 min EFT and meditation, qi gong, bicycling, situps and stretching, detox bath with relevant reading

As for my stats, I gained nearly 3 pounds but my fat % is down and my water percentage is up, so still heading in the right direction? Plus my metabolic age is even lower.

weight 140
% fat 31.7
% water 47.5
bone 4.8
metabolic age 39

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