Thursday, August 20, 2009

revised supplement regimen

My acupuncturist feels I'm making progress, and that I don't need some of the things that I was taking. Completely revamped my supplement regimen.

New Chinese herbs are Gui Pi Tang. Notice in this description that it includes helping uterine hemmoraging. It mainly works on the spleen, and is indicated for fertility.

I'm taking Ultranutrient by Pure Encapsulations, 2 per day
Methyl-Guard by Thorne, 2 per day
DHEA .5 mg by Pure Encapsulations, 1 every other day
Ultimate Omega by Nordic Naturals, 2 per day
Fergon iron supplement, 1 per day
Bio-D-Mulsion by Biotics Research, 1 per day
Chlorphyll 60 mg by World Organic, 3 three times per day -- this is for the last bit of my heavy metal detox
Black Currant Seed oil by Pure Encapsulations, 1 per day
Calcium Magnesium Citrate by Pure Encapsulations, 2 twice per day
Glycine by Thorne, 3 three times per day. This is to help clear out an oral bacterial issue I have had, also glycine is an abundant amino acid in the female reproductive system and has been used to help with egg quality through stimulation of human growth hormone.
Tegreen by Pharmanex, 1 per day. This is a new addition to my regimen. See the comments section of this past post for a discussion of Tegreen for fibroids and fertility.
Vitalzym4 pills per day
Serraptase 2 pills per day
BioSet probiotic, 2 pills per day
Green Magma,6 pills twice per day

I also have a new combo of Bach flower remedies:
Walnut(for protection from unwanted influences)
Wild Rose (for drifting, resignation, and apathy)
Vervain(for perfectionism)


HappyOrganist said...

the flower remedies sound interesting ;-) I love reading about those.
Good luck with your treatments. =)

We did clomid for our first two children, and acupuncture for a 3rd (just saw an acupuncturist for fun - not trying to become pregnant). But between the herbs/acupuncture, my cycle was straightened up amazingly well.

good luck.

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Thank you HappyOrganist! And great to hear the good results of the acupuncture for you!