Sunday, June 21, 2009

yoga DVD that focuses on thyroid-related poses

This morning I did this Fertility Yoga DVD. It's a nice gentle yoga practice.
For those who already do yoga, there is little here in terms of new poses. For that reason would recommend this more to those who are new to yoga, or for those who want a basic and relaxing practice. The explanations are good and the pace is not too fast so this would be a good way to start a yoga practice.
I felt that this DVD was particularly notable for those who have fibroids because it includes quite a few poses that focus on the thyroid -- and many people with fibroids have thyroid issues. The thyroid is also important for overall hormone health, which is important both for those with fibroids and those who want to enhance their fertility.

One quibble with this DVD -- there are a couple of inversion poses, and she does not warn viewers that if you are menstruating you should not do such poses.

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