Monday, June 15, 2009

switched to new Bach remedy -- Wild Rose

I pick my flower essences using the Bioset machine that my acupuncturist has. She uses it to tell me if I need to keep going with the current one, or switch to a new one.

In her machine are the Bach and Australian flower essences, and perhaps others but I haven't asked because until now one or the other of those has always worked for me.

It's always amazing to me how accurately the machine hones in on what my mood is and what I need. I tell you it's quite eerie really.

This time, we switched me to Bach Wild Rose. Here is the description:

Wild Rose (Rose Canina) is the Bach Flower Remedy for people who have accepted all that life throws at them and have given up the struggle for fulfilment. Instead they have resigned themselves to the way things are, to the extent where they don't even complain or seem particularly unhappy. Instead they shrug their shoulders - there's no point complaining or trying to change - and seem happy just to drift through life.The remedy is given to reawaken interest in life. The positive Wild Rose person will still be a happy-go-lucky type, but instead of apathy will feel a sense of purpose that will bring increased happiness and enjoyment.

That describes me exactly the day that I went in. I was feeling really blah about everything, worn out by all the stuff that's been going on. Not unhappy, just completely flat and apathetic.

After just a few days of taking this remedy, that mood has lifted and I feel a lot more positive. I'm glad to be in a good frame of mind (or heart) given that I'm starting the stimulation meds this week and that is of course has the potential to be stressful esp. if one is not grounded. Really I do think that these flower essences are something akin to magic...

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Anya said...

Totally agree about them being magic! We've had so many odd and interesting things happen whilst taking them.