Monday, June 15, 2009

an amazing new alternative to milk

The woman in front of me in the grocery store line was fascinated.
"What's that?" she said, "I've never seen that before."
Me: "My acupuncturist just told me about it. It's a milk alternative, made from coconut and unsweetened."
She: "Wow, that sounds great."
Me "I'm really excited to try it. I don't do dairy or soy."
She: "And rice milk just doesn't do it."
Me: "That's right. And we won't even go into the atrocious hemp milk I tried the other day..."

I'm happy to say that the So Delicious Coconut Milk beverage completely lives up to my expectations. A clean taste, not too coconutty, would be an excellent substitute for milk. I tried the unsweetened one. Look for it in the dairy case, next to the soy milk.

I'm so excited, I can make smoothies again!

Also on the site they have coconut-based yogurt, will have to see if Whole Foods has that too. That's another thing I miss...

I had written previously about the health benefits of coconut, here is some info from their site on the topic: My acupuncturist says that the fatty acids in coconut are very good for health. However I can only eat so much coconut curry, it's nice to have a different way to get coconut into my diet...

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