Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Hello everyone, thought I would update you. Last month unfortunately did not meet with success, despite having had three eggs going due to ovarian stimulation. The frustrating thing about this process is that who knows why? Is it my fibroids? My husband's sperm (which have their issues)? The age of my eggs?

Am taking this month off of stimulation to get more testing -- from my gyn on immune factors, and from my acupuncturist who is having me take a fancy urine test that can find hidden issues (she thinks I may have an ammonia buildup due to issues in my urea cycle, which may be affecting implantation).

Also am going to be adding a couple of things to my regimen this month -- better addressing my pH levels, and working on my lymph system. Those should help both for the fibroids and for fertility. Will write more about both later. From last month's experiments, am going to be continuing with the Psych-K and regular chiropractic visits as I found both of those to be helpful.

Also am working with my husband to get a better routine for us with an earlier bedtime. It's not easy reforming two inveterate night owls, but it's important I think.

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