Monday, April 27, 2009

keeping my chin up

Hello everyone, I want to say thank you again for those of you who left encouraging comments on the last post.

I'm keeping my chin up, and here are the positive things I have been doing:

1. Picked up the card shown at left to put on my desk and cheer me up. Just ordered a few other inspirational ones from the card company's site. Really lovely stuff.

2. Went to see my Psych-K person, with a list of affirmations to work on that I drafted based on things that Walter Makichen pointed out in our consultation. Had a very productive 2 hours session. However, I think I need to give Psych-K a break for now, as I feel like I am a bit affirmationed-out -- feeling like "ok, ok, I love myself already!"

3. Made an appointment with the surgeon to discuss laproscopic myomectomy.

4. Made an appointment to get my mercury amalgam dental fillings out. (More on this later)

5. As a treat for myself, signed up for a 3 day yoga retreat at Mount Madonna. Have always wanted to go there for a retreat:

6. Made myself feel better by reading this web page about maternal age and egg quality. Based on results of a special urine test and some other testing done recently (more on this later) my acupuncturist recently upped my supplements which should be beneficial. Have also added DHEA (see info here) and royal jelly (see info here), and will discuss pycogenal and l-arginine (also said to be helpful for egg quality) with my acupuncturist this week. All these, in addition to the acupuncture and Chinese herbs I am doing, should be good for my eggs. And the 4 months till IVF should be just right for growing this nice crop of good eggs. This and having the chance to get rid of any extra mercury that might be hanging around, are my way of feeling better about the delay before IVF.

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