Tuesday, March 3, 2009

wanna get it right this time IV -- luteal phase tips

Note, this is a fertility related posting, not fibroid related.

My regular acupuncturist is out of town, so today got a chance for interesting different information.

We talked a bit about the luteal phase, and what can and can't be done during that time:

1. No reflexology during the luteal phase. It's too stimulating. But it's good to do during the first half of the cycle.

2. However, for the feet it's good to soak them in warm water. That will help keep the uterus warm, according to Chinese medicine principles. In general it's important to keep the feet warm, so warm socks are good too. Also think I'll use my microwaveable spa booties. She said there was clinical evidence that proves keeping your feet warm is good for fertility. I didn't find that when I looked on the internet, but it was mentioned on this page and this page. Fibroids are said to be a result of a cold uterus, so keeping feet warm should be helpful for fibroids too.

3. Something I knew before, no shoulder rubs during the luteal phase because it creates descending energy. But what to do about the buildup of stiff shoulders during that time, which I am prone to? She suggested to coat my shoulders with homeopathic Traumeel gel and then put a microwaveable shoulder wrap on. Great idea I will try!

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