Thursday, February 26, 2009

wanna get it right this time I -- more exercise!

"Wanna get it right this time" is the chorus of one of my favorite songs, Complicated, from the one of my favorite albums, Liquid White Light, by one of my favorite bands, Poi Dog Pondering.

In the Groundhog Day mode (see previous post) of trying each cycle to do more and do better so as to eventually reach my goal, I'm making this song my mental theme.

So get ready for a series of posts over the next few days that show what I am doing differently this time!

Number one, I need to exercise more. For stress relief, because it's good for fibroid shrinking, because it's good for fertility, and also because I'm looking a bit flabby. (Too much work and too much time sitting at my desk). So I've decided to up my exercise to 1.5 hours today. Usually two of the following: an hour of yoga with my husband in the morning, a brisk walk outside, and doing one of my exercise tapes. Sometimes with some hula hooping thrown in.

This week I'm trying out some of the of belly dancing DVD's I had purchased but not used yet. They are OK but none is really perfect. The Basic Dance session from Discover Bellydance I used to like when I was just learning belly dance years ago, but now was too slow and boring for me. I got several of the Belly Dance Fitness for Weight Loss by Rania. They are kind of an odd combination of aerobics and belly dance. The Hip Drop Hip Hopwas my favorite even though it's not really hip hop. The Pure Sweat one that I did today was just ok. None were as good as Bollywood Booty, my current favorite.

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