Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Evils of Tampons 1

Today my acupuncturist was out of town and there was a substitute. We were discussing my period and she asked if I used tampons. When I said yes she told me that I should keep in mind that in Chinese medicine they believe that tampons are a cause of stagnation because they inhibit the downward flow of blood. So that if I can go with pads, that's better.

Well, with my heavy periods on the worst days there is no way I could do without a tampon, but on many days it would be ok. And as readers of this blog know, in the view of Chinese medicine fibroids are caused by, guess what, stagnation! So, sounds like tampons are not a good idea for us fibroid shrinkers!

Here are a couple of sites that talk about tampons from a Chinese medicine perspective.


Steph said...

I actually kind of figured this out by experience before hearing about it. I realized that when I used tampons my cramps were much worse than with a pad. I did a search and found the info about tampons causing an energy stagnation. It actually got to the point that I couldn't even really use tampons anymore if I wanted to because I was so aware that the cramps were much worse that way.

Once I got more used to using pads all the time I realized they aren't so bad. I used to change them more frequently than I needed to because as soon as I saw something on it I thought I needed to change it but I started being more patient and was really surprised at how much they can hold without any leakages.

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Thanks, very interesting to hear about your cramping experience.

This last cycle I hardly used tampons and I was much more comfortable too.

I think advertising brainwashes us into thinking we need them. I plan to only use them now on heaviest flow days...