Thursday, November 13, 2008

NAET, Biomeridian, and Bioset

I have been meaning to write for a long time about NAET and the Biomeridian machine. This is the technique that my acupuncturist uses to figure out which herbs and supplements are a good match for me.

I discovered NAET about 12 years ago, when I had a terrible problem with losing my voice (a major problem since I have to talk a lot in my job!) that nothing seemed to be able to solve and none of the expensive tests from the western medicine specialists could identify the cause of. My chiropractor asked to give me another test, a RAST test that showed I had a variety of food allergies – to gluten, sugar, tuna, tomatoes, citrus, rice and a few other things I can’t even recall now. In other words, I had to get rid of nearly everything in my kitchen! But when I avoided those foods, I felt better. Yet trying to keep up avoiding all these foods was quite a strain.

Then a friend told me how her sister’s boyfriend’s mother had a similar problem yet worse – to the extent that she could not eat anything not prepared herself. But she was cured by a woman who did something called NAET. I was warned, however, “It’s pretty unusual.” But by that point I was willing to try anything, as most of my caloric intake was from nuts, potatoes, and corn.

I went to the doctor she recommended, a quirky woman from the Philippines who wore a mumu. She was indeed unconventional, but she was also a board-certified allergist. The NAET therapy had been discovered by a woman, Dr. Nabumiprod, who was studying acupuncture and used it to cure herself of her allergies. It can be done using acupuncture, or just acupressure. After the various treatments, one for each of the items on the RAST test plus a bunch more that the allergist recommended, my throat problem had cleared up and I had also rid myself of the hayfever that had been a one Claritin per day habit for ages. Wow! I mean the allergies had completely gone away. I was so glad to be rid of them.

However, suddenly years later, after moving to California, my allergies cropped up again – now I believe this was not only exposure to new pollens etc. but also because my system had been weakened by the heavy metal buildup I had developed (see previous post). I found another NAET practitioner, who is also an acupuncturist. After I started working with her, I found out that my fibroids had grown. I then started having her do NAET treatments that would support the fibroid treatment plan. After my ultrasound in May did not come out as well as I had hoped, I consolidated all my acupuncture work with her because I thought she could step up my approach. I feel much better that she can pinpoint with the Biomeridian machine (used for NAET) what herbal formulas will really help me.

So how can the NAET treatments help with fibroids? Several ways:

1. By eliminating food allergies, the NAET helps the system process food more effectively and also be less irritated, which creates a better environment for healing.
2. In addition to eliminating external allergies, NAET can also be used to treat imbalances in the body.
3. Enabling precise matching of herbs and other treatments using the Biomeridian machine.

In my experience, the Biomeridian machine is extremely helpful, both for matching treatments and also for making the NAET itself easier and more effective (for example, when using the Biomeridian machine the usual 25-hour period of avoiding the allergen required by NAET is not needed as it clears the allergen instantly.)

Recently my acupuncturist has also been using a machine called the Bioset. It's similar to the Biomeridian -- she describes it as being the difference between a PC and a Mac. One is better for some things, and one is better for others.

All this stuff is referred to as "energy medicine." Some people, like my husband, think it's all crazy. But it has helped me a lot. I am hoping it will do for my fibroids what it did for my allergies -- make them scram.


Anonymous said...

Did NAET work for getting rid of your fibroid??

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Still have the fibroids unfortunately, although that is mostly a result of having pursued fertility treatments. I do think that the NAET has been very helpful in many ways but it has not eliminated the fibroids.