Thursday, November 13, 2008


I had read somewhere about how alfalfa is supposed to be good for fertility, so I brought some in and sure enough my acupuncturist determined that it was an excellent match for me.

My acupunturist also suggested that I buy some alfalfa sprouts and eat them. Sure enough, as you can see from this last link, from a Chinese medicine perspective they are good for the spleen, which is the organ I am really trying to work on right now. Being added to my shopping list!

This page gives a good overview of the positive effects of alfalfa, while also warning that it should not be consumed by pregnant women, so I am keeping it in my pre-ovulation arsenal.

Note, alfalfa is estrogenic, so some people recommend that those who have fibroids avoid it, and some recommend that those with fibroids take it because it will displace the body's excess estrogen in the receptors. This is the same debate that exists with soy. As readers know normally I avoid anything estrogenic, but this came up so strongly as a positive for me that I am going to take it...

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