Thursday, November 13, 2008

changes to my supplement regimen

I went to my acupuncturist today and have made several changes to my supplementation routine.


Bach flower essence Hornbeam
Women's balance homeopathic


Beta Beet
Australian flower essence Bush Gardenia
(for the above three, I will write separate posts in a moment...)

Continuing with the Jia Wei Xiao Yao San pre-ovulation and then for post-ovulation am going to do Xiao Yao Wan from Plum Flower Brand. It's very similar to the Jia Wei Xiao Yao San except it doesn't have the herbs for heat and it lacks the stagnation-busting Mu Dan Pi which is contraindicated if one might be pregnant.

This page discussed Xiao Yao Wan's use for fibroids, and it also mentions some exciting clinical trial results for another formula, Xiao Liu Pan:

A 1992 study completed at the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CATCM) and published in the Chinese Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine successfully demonstrated the effectiveness of herbal treatment. Researchers Jiang Xinglei and Luo Xianchu tracked ultrasounds results of 30 women (ages 26 to 50) while they were being treated with the herbal formula Xiao Liu Pian. Each patient received a 0.3 gram herbal tablet three times a day for three months. At the end of the trial, 15 of the subjects had either substantial or total fibroid shrinkage, while an additional 13 had some degree of fibroid shrinkage. In 98 percent of the women, typical fibroid symptoms like excessive bleeding, abdominal pain and bloating virtually stopped.

My acupuncturist likes to switch my herbs around periodically (as you have probably noticed), going to tell her about this one...

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