Tuesday, September 23, 2008

comment from my acupuncturist

I shared the results of my ultrasound with my acupuncturist, who was very pleased. I told her I was hoping for more shrinkage, and her response was:

Regarding the fibroids, the shrinkage that occurred in that last 3-4 month time frame is a very good result. It's important to consider that those "guys" have been growing in there for years and years, and to reverse a process takes some considerable effort. To break that cycle and see shrinkage in such a short time frame is great. Another 3-4 months should yield further shrinking. Your doc is correct about the response of different tissues/proteins to different substances and biotherapeutics. We can look into targeting those ones that got larger, or just upping some dosages. But the main point is that you are ovulating with good fertility mucus, which means that pregnancy is in the near future, and once you are pregnant, the rest of the fibroids will shrink on their own.

Will keep everyone posted on what additional things we add to the regimen. We already added one more, will report on that shortly...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting the comments from your acupuncturist on the blog. It puts everything into prospective. I going to my hospital today to ask them for an ultrascan. I like youself is hoping that all my efforts will suddenly give me a miraculous cure. I know now this isn't going happen and am now going to be realistic about the results.

I have no regrets in using alternate treatment for my fibroids. I feel better in myself for doing it and feel that you need to explore all avenues available. In the end I might have to go down the conventional medicine route but hope that is a long way off.

Love the blog and will continue to check in!

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Thanks so much for the encouraging words.
Yes being realistic is important. Fibroids are, according to one expert I read in a phrase that sticks in my mind, "very dense energetically."
For some people alternative treatments seem to completely shrink the fibroids away, for others just shrink them some, and for others they just stop the growing or slow the rate of growth. Any of those are preferable to immediately going down the surgery route!
In my case, even if I can't completely shrink them, if I can get them small enough that they don't interfere with a pregnancy that will be good enough for me.

Jacqueline said...

I am really enjoying your blog and could post on a bunch of entries, but will try to consolidate here...

Thanks your willingness to hare your journey with natural methods and fibroids. I was diagnosed with fibroids after having a c-section (the surgeon noticed them) and am determined to shrink them with diet, exercise, stress reduction etc. I am glad to find someone taking a similar path. And good for you for your positive results! I'll look on your blog some more, but do you ever eat nato (it's a form of soy and can sometimes be found as nato miso)? I've read it has real curative potential for fibroids. Also, have you read this article from women to women dot com:
Reading it gave me the courage to pursue a natural route instead of feeling like I was on a one-way road to a hysterectomy.

Thanks for your writing. I'll visit again soon.

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Thanks so much for the positive feedback! Am so glad to hear that the blog has been helpful for you.

I have indeed eaten natto, and then more recently have been taking nattokinase pills (the active ingredient). Pills because they are more potent and because the natto really is not very tasty. (I write in an earlier blog entry about masking the taste with barbecue sauce, which worked for me for awhile then I got sick of it...)

Thanks for sharing the women to women column, I hadn't seen it.

Good luck in your fibroid shrinking journey and keep us posted about your progress!